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Alpha-Stim Device Event!

What happens when you find technology that gets you out of pain?
You want to share it with the world!

Come learn how to treat your own…

 Chronic and Acute Pain


  Depression +


 with the Alpha-Stim unit!

Acupuncturist, Nutritionist and Health Coach,
Summer Waters, is hosting this event for one evening only:
Thurs., June 21st, 2018 6:30 – 8:00 pm at
Siskiyou Vital Medicine, 940 Ellendale Dr., Suite 102, Medford, OR

The Alpha-Stim is a practical, easy, pain-free, stand-alone treatment you can utilize in the comfort of your own home for immediate results! 

  •   Instructive and informative event featuring some of the outstanding benefits the Alpha-Stim provides
  •   Live demos at the event with interested participants
  •   Question and answer period
  •   Exclusive 25% discounted price available at the event

Come see if this is right for you and take advantage of the special sale price arranged for event participants with the opportunity to try before you buy.

Come learn from experts about this proven, reliable device that produces remarkable and unparalleled results. This device is endorsed by multiple professionals and the FDA for the four issues listed above.

Rest assured, this device is great for you if you’re not technologically inclined because it is simple and quick to use.

Call 541-326-8952 to reserve your seat, as there are only 25 spots available.

Summer's chat with Greg Gillette on the Gillette Nutrition Show

I was honored to be a guest on the radio show of my friend Colorado Nutritionist Greg Gillette, N.E., H.C. at the end of June. Our conversation was far-ranging, including my journey to helping people heal, the importance of a traditional, nutrient-dense diet, and the benefits of acupuncture. Click HERE for the website of the Gillette Nutrition Show. Once there, scroll down to the archive and choose "Gillette Nutrition Show 40" to listen to my interview.

Summer is a Calendar Girl!

BAB Creative Director Lauryn Rego, Summer, and local photographer Laura Ferrara at Summer's BAB photoshoot.

I am so honored that Hawaii-based GMO fighters Babes Against Biotech (BAB) chose me as one of their 2016 calendar "role models." Lauryn and Laura and I had a fun day on the farm capturing images for my calendar page -- no word yet on which month, but I'll let you know as soon as I do.  The calendar features ladies who've shown a real commitment to keeping our foods traditional, clean and GMO-free, in various stages of dress and undress, and raises money for the excellent work BAB is doing in Hawaii.  Check out their website, like them on facebook, and stay tuned for an announcment of when the calendar goes on sale.  Last year they ran out, so get yours early!  

Summer Shares Nourishing Snacks during THRIVE's Eat Local Week

On September 15th, folks joined me here at Organic Elements Spa to learn how to make snacking healthful, easy and local as part of THRIVE's Eat Local Week.  We sampled Bare Bones Broth, Higher Power trail mix, and a smoothie with Little Sprouts goat milk.  I love helping people snack in ways their bodies, kids and taste buds will appreciate, and it was so much fun turning people on to some of the great local resources for real food.

If you are interested in trying Bare Bones Broth, which was sampled at the class CLICK HERE to shop their online store!

Summer Talks Gut Health & GAPS in Oregon Healthy Living

"Addressing the health of the gut addresses the health of the whole body" -- Summer Waters, quoted in Gut Feeling.

Summer was excited to get a chance to share her passion for gut health with Oregon Healthy Living this month.  Find the article featuring Summer, Gut Feeling, by clicking the image below and scrolling through to page 10.

Bone Broth in the News

Homemade Bone BrothBone broth, one of the staples of Summer's dietary recomendations, is getting good press these days.  It has been named the 2015 Food of the Year by Forbes Magazine, and featured in the New York Times and other media outlets.  Southern Oregon's own Medford Mail Tribune ran a story on bone broth on January 28th, 2015, and they sought out Summer as a local expert on this nourishing liquid.  The full article, which features Summer encouraging us to drink bone broth "in place of expensive supplements" can be found here.

Summer Hits California

Summer spent the last two weeks of October on the road in California. She started in La Jolla just north of San Diego at a Lisa Sassavitch event. Then Summer made her way to West Lake Village where she met Ted McGrath. Summer stopped in Bakersfield California to share Lemon Coconut Drops with Bakersfield Now! on the the local CBS affiliate. Then she continued north to Santa Rosa for an event hosted by Julia Stege. While on the road, she was interviewed by phone for Southern Oregon Savor. It has been a whirlwind tour.

Summer with Ted McGrath in West Lake Village

Summer Waters in Southern Oregon Savor

While on her California Tour, Summer was interviewed by Sarah Lemon for the Medford Mail Tribune's Southern Oregon Savor. Summer discussed how to satisfy your holiday sweet cravings with delicious nutricious desserts


Summer Waters on Show Me St Louis - Eat Fats to be Healthy

Thanks to affiliate KSDK for sharing my message on healthy fats!


Summer Waters says Put Your Kids Through the School of Good Eats

In September, the Medford Mail Tribune interviewed Summer. She shared with Mail Tribune readers how to help kids eat healthy during the busy school year.

"Learning to love new, healthful foods should be among the new school year’s lessons," says local nutritional therapist Summer Waters.

“The younger we can introduce kids to these real foods, the better,” says Waters. “There’s no sense in waiting.”

Amid the back-to-school rush, however, many parents struggle to prepare wholesome, nutritious snacks and lunches...." read more

Hear Summer on the Radio

In June, Summer was David Munson's guest on his program Farm Talk for KSKQ 89.5, Ashland Community Radio.  Summer spoke about topics near and dear to her heart, including Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), clean eating and the imporance of knowing your farmer.  Listen here. 

Summer is making Homemade Mayo and Mustard


Summer is featured on the Wise Women Care Associate blog.  She is making homemade mayo and honey mustard. Check out her recipes for healthy mayonnaise and mustard and enjoy making quick condiments.

Summer Waters on a Healthy Gut and a Healthy Immune System

Summer shared her passion for healing our guts and strengthening our immune systems in an interview with Sarah Lemon.

"Over decades of eating for optimal health, Charlotte Nuessle never thought of her morning oatmeal as an "addiction."  Nor would Nuessle have considered chicken soup a remedy before attending a lecture on Gut and Psychology Syndrome." Read more in the article Filling the GAPS.

Learn more about GAPS and discover how food really is medicine.


Summer Waters on Nutrition and Dental Health

Photo Denise Baratta, 
Spoonfuls of fats promoted for good health are, from left: bacon fat, red palm, ghee from organic, grass-fed cows, coconut-cream concentrate oil.

Summer was interviewed by Oregon Healthy Living Magazine for her perspective on the link between nutrition and dental health.  In a time when poor dental health is on the rise, many people know not to eat too much sugar, but few know what to do beyond milk for healthy strong teeth.

Read the full article "Feed Your Chompers" in Oregon Healthy Living Magazine.