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Ask Summer: The Shampoo Question

Your Question: "Do you have a specific shampoo you recommend? And does it really matter what shampoo I use? How can my shampoo make that much difference in my health? And does the shampoo you recommend really work?  Will my hair feel and look clean?"

My Answer: The short answer is YES, it does matter what shampoo and body care products you use. Reducing the toxic load on your body is an important part of getting healthy and staying well.  This cornerstone of health is best supported by your food choices and additionally by other lifestyle choices including which personal care products you use.  I've shared much over the years about toxins that can enter your body through the foods you eat (read: GMOs, pesticide residues, pharmaceutical/antibiotic residues, added hormones, fake food ingredients like artificial dyes, etc.). The simple way to avoid ingesting these toxins is by selecting organic foods or foods raised 'better than organic' to put on your plate. 

Body care products that contain toxic chemicals or allergens can absorb through your skin and effect your overall health.  Since your skin is your largest organ, there is a lot of surface area for exposure.  This is magnified in a hot shower that enlarges the pores of your skin, increasing absorption even more.  This can be a big deal for folks, especially those who are already struggling with chronic health issues.  Making sure you tip the scale in your favor, the simplest way to avoid uptake of triggering toxins in your personal care products is to make sure you are using toxin free products.  Since I love to make it easy for my clients to utilize truly non-toxic products to keep their hair clean and healthy, I stock Organic Excellence Shampoo and Conditioner in my office.

In the early years of my practice, I’d have folks come to me after a few sessions who had really been working to make changes in their eating habits, and had seen improvements, but were still having lingering symptoms of toxicity, allergies or sensitivities. At first, I was stumped, but then I started digging deeper, and I’d often find that these folks were still using conventional body care products containing toxic chemicals: GMO soy and corn ingredients, and even gluten. So, while they had benefited from removing these items from their foods, they couldn’t truly get better while continuing to absorb them through their skin. Switching to a gluten free, soy free, corn free, GMO free, chemical free shampoo and conditioner (as well as other body care products) allowed them to truly be free of the symptoms these toxic ingredients caused in their bodies. But boy, was it hard to find anything commercially available that folks could use without complaint! Most products available even at the co-op had some of the ingredients that would set off my patient’s sensitivities. Another issue I had experienced and heard about from clients as well was that when a 'clean' product was found, it wasn't that effective at actually cleaning the hair without striping it or leaving it unappealingly greasy.  So, I searched and researched options until I found Organic Excellence brand of hair care products.

Organic Excellence discloses all the ingredients they use (see image for shampoo ingredients) – and what they don’t use (CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST), which is arguably even more important. You can be assured that these products are used safely by people with multiple chemical sensitivities, as well as severe reactions to gluten, soy and corn. I use their products myself, and I like the light lather (no synthetic lathering agents!) and minty tingle.  They keep my hair soft and shiny, and can even refresh an irritated scalp.  I even get compliments on how healthy and shiny my hair looks, which is always a treat.  

Like my practice, Organic Excellence is a woman-owned small business that you can feel good about supporting. Even those of you who aren’t feeling ill effects using conventional body products, consider the toxin load you’re asking your body to process and give those systems of detoxification a break by minimizing your exposure to the petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and even antifreeze and formaldehyde (yikes!) found in many shampoos and conditioners on your supermarket shelves.

If you’re ready to try something more nourishing for your hair, use the contact form on this website, email me at, or call 541.326.8952 and let me know that you’d like to come in and pick up some Organic Excellence shampoo and/or conditioner. This product is NOT stocked in the Organic Elements Spa Boutique, so you’ll have to contact me directly (as described) to purchase some. If you aren't local to my office in the Rogue Valley, visit the Organic Excellence website to purchase these products. By using THIS LINK (CLICK HERE) to get to their shopping page, you'll help me get a comission for connecting you with these fabulous products. Check out my Healthy Resources page for even more ways to keep toxins out of your home and out of your body!

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