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Dandy Blend is Back!

This was an exciting box to receive!  I'm happy to have this delicious, nourishing coffee alternative back in stock.  Simply mix with water - hot or cold - for a tasty, gluten-free beverage with a delicious roasted flavor without the adrenal-flogging caffeine in your usual coffee.  Imagine enjoying your morning beverage while actually nourishing your liver rather than depleting it.

In fact, dandelion is a useful tonic for all our detoxification systems, including the urinary system.  Plus, this beverage includes 50 trace minerals that are essential for healthy metabolism. I encourage committed coffee drinkers to start by replacing just one cup a day with this healthful beverage. CLICK HERE for my go-to recipe for the perfect cup of Dandy Blend. You can purchase single-serving packets to try it out, or a box of packets if you'll be using it on the go. By far the most economical option is to buy a large bag of the powder, available in 14oz or 2lb sizes.  The bag it comes in is resealable, but because the powder can be adversely affected by exposure to moisture, you might consider storing it in an air-tight jar to make sure it lasts.

Dandy Blend is one of my top products that is available on the shelves of the Organic Elements Spa Boutique Monday through Saturday (CLICK HERE for spa hours).  I'm so grateful that the spa thinks highly enough of this and others of my products to make them available to you whenever the spa is open. Head over to 832 East Main Street, Suite 3, here in Medford, where you can purchase this and others of my products, as well as the plant-based cosmetics that Organic Elements is known for, with cash, check or card. Have a Dandy day! 

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