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Boost Your Immune System with the Highest Quality Supplements Around

If you tend to get every little cold that comes around, or if you get knocked out every cold season by one big bad bug, consider taking the supplement that my patients never fail to comment on. When a patient takes my recommendation to try Premier Research Laboratory's ImmunoVen immune boosting supplement, I often hear at their next session how grateful they were that I turned them on to this product. Folks simply swear by it as an effective way to boost the immune system and avoid getting sick, or help make the recovery from sickness go faster.

ImmunoVen contains a host of herbs that are used across the globe for immune boosting, from the Reishi mushroom, to Irish Moss. These herbs and more provide a phytonutrient blend that supports the work of the "big guns," PRL's tradmarked olive leaf extract Olea-Pro. Perhaps as notable as what these powerful supplements contain is what they don't contain: PRL promises no ingredients that aren't listed, and no excipients -- that is, no fillers, binders, colors, flavors, or anything that isn't there for the purpose of promoting your health! PRL produces the highest quality supplements around, including a Vitamin D liquid in olive oil, another great immune supplement that should be taken daily by nearly all of us during the cooler months. Both of these products, as well as additional products from PRL, are available for purchase in my office. If you would like to buy a PRL supplement, contact me by emailing These ones aren't on the shelves at the Organic Elements Spa Boutique yet, so make sure to email me before coming in so I have your supplements waiting for you when you come. 

What is your favorite immune booster?

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