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Say No to GMO, Part 1

Many of you reading this are already well informed on the issue of GMO’s. For those of you who are new to this issue, here is a nice summary from GMO Free Jackson County:

"Genetically modified organisms are created through manipulation of an organism's genes using recombinant DNA techniques. Genes from unrelated species are combined, such as a fish gene inserted into a tomato.  This can't happen naturally or through traditional breeding. Most GMO crops rely on increasingly toxic pesticides made by the same companies that produce the seeds. The terms genetically engineeredGE, and transgenic also refer to GMOs."

The issues involved with Genetically Modified (GM) crops are far reaching, to put it mildly.   I would encourage you to visit the Our Family Farms Coalition and the GMO Free Josephine County websites to learn more, and check back here frequently for other articles in this series.

Here is a summary of what I’ll cover in my GMO article series:

  1. What is a GMO? 
  2. Health concerns of GMOs
  3. How to avoid genetically modified foods
  4. Why do so many people want GMO labeling or a moratorium on GMO crops until further study can occur in laboratories (not in our bodies and our environment)?

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